Saturday, 13 June 2009

Astrology is Nutty

I will make this brief, astrology at best is silly at its worst it's completely imbecile.

Want proof? Read this: Orbiter crashing into the moon

Then read the follow up to all the comments saying she is being silly: Response

People like these keep humanity in the dark ages.


  1. My late Aunt said it: "Everyone's nuts but us!" :D)

  2. "Space...the final frontier". Cue up music from Star Trek television series, 1964! :D)

  3. This is hilarious. Thanks for that link... I can't wait to send this to my friend at NASA (he's working on that drinkable urine issue, which is in and of itself pretty hilarious!)

  4. I've always wondered about what subjects are consuming time of former girlfriends. After reading this there is but no doubt that while I am consuming a good cup of coffee, they are monitoring this...uh...project. That's the word. :D)