Monday, 4 August 2008

Bad Astronomer takes the reign from James Randi

The Bad Astronomer, AKA Phil Plait, has taken over the post as president of the James Randi Educational Foundation after James Randi have stepped down from the post.

Phil Plait's post of the news can be read here and James Randi's announcement can be read here.

As a fellow sceptic, I have followed both Phil Plait's and James Randi's careers and writings for many years and I can only congratulate Phil on his new title and Mr. Randi on his choice.


  1. Interesting. A late friend of mine who was once my Philosophy Professor used to open class thusly: "Well, anything new in anyones' life?" (silence). "I heard over the weekend that the Flat Earth Society finally disbanded"... I was in hysterics while my classmates appeared catatonic.

  2. Nice to see you stop by The Festival, Thomas! THANKS!!!