Thursday, 11 January 2007

Fever Dreams

I'm just getting on top again after a couple of weeks with a bad cold. One of the first nights when the cold really kicked in was very weird with those fever dreams you only get when you are sick. I dreamt that I was sleeping with a bicycle on top of me for a cover and a shopping trolley for a pillow. Once in a while I would wake up fully, clear my fevered mind of this silly notion and then go back to sleep only to slip right back into my uncomfortable illusion of sleeping in a pile of vehicles of transport and retail.

I also dreamt back to the time when we were living in Singapore, I dreamt about walking around in Tampines Mall close to our house block. It was in a Electronic shop here that I first time saw one of the new iMacs when they were first put on the market. In my fever dream I suddenly had a bright idea for marketing the iMacs. With every iMac you would get a free fake moustache to wear when using the machine. Of course this would only be an attractive offer for men, so the moustache would be designed to be snipped in two with a pair of scissors so women could use them as bushy eyebrows.

It all made sense in my dream....