Tuesday, 22 August 2006

Name That Machine

I have been very busy at work lately and have also been away on holiday for a couple of weeks, that's why there has been a serious lag of posts here.

On our holiday we came across the machine on the picture above. It's not at an amusement park, it's something with a practical purpose, but what?


  1. I've seen it before and I know its purpose. I'll keep my mouth shut.

  2. That's very nice of you Eric, but there isn't anyone to keep the secret from... -sigh-

  3. Oh yes there is Thomas! ME! Dammit, I've been wwracking my brain. At first it resembled a blow-back fence at an airport. But I have ruled this out in favor of a moveable sports stadium stand. Movable--to accommodate larger crowds. Ha! Now you can spring it...Go ahead!

  4. Well alright, my next post will reveal all.

  5. Ok I'm cheating off Michael's answer, but...a retractable cover? Rather ominous-looking sky above, was that a hint?
    Please don't be sad, you have readers! This is the first time I've ever commented a blog, eek now I'm a creepy fangirl!
    Be of good cheer,

  6. To l12: The ominous-looking sky is just the way it is when you decide to go on vacation in a car with a tent.

    I did doctor the picture with a bit of shading in the top right hand corner, because I thought the sky looked a bit too bright and the whole photo became unbalanced, so it does look a bit more dramatic than it really was.

    Don't be shy about commenting, we bloggers are suckers for comments, it nourishes and boosts our egos to no end.