Sunday, 18 June 2006

Smack Your Penguin Up

One of my friends, a keen environmentalist, emailed this game to me once.

Smack a few penguins and then visit his website: Underview.

Supersize it!

Flash Games


  1. I told myself I was going to play only until I beat you, and I finally did (took longer than I wanted). :)


  2. I can't break 323.4. I've gotten it and 320.5 several times. I wonder if it's possible to go higher?

  3. This reminded me of a flash game that I thought was fun: swinging robot, erm, thing.

  4. Eric, I don't know 320.5 is my max.

    I see your Japanese is rusty regarding the "swinging robot, erm, thing", when in fact it is called "Pendulumeca".
    It is the kind of game that make me want to put a fist through the screen in frustration, so I'll better not play it too much.

  5. Hmm? From James Bond to this? Okay. I'll be back!