Friday, 2 June 2006

Lander II: Moon Rescue

I used to love playing Lunar Lander in the arcade way back when I was young and handsome (now I'm just "and"). Later on my Commodore 64 I played Thrust, which was a bit like Lunar Lander except you were given missions to pick up stuff and could top up your fuel during the missions.
This flash game is a combination of the two and will provide hours of fun and although it messes up the layout of my blog page I forgive it.

Flash Games


  1. second level with the boulders is PISSING ME OFF OIAJSDOIJASDOIJSAD ahem

  2. He he, level three is gonna make you punch a wall...

  3. level 3 wasn't so bad. i found an interesting bug, though. if you go up at least 2,000 feet (meters?) and free fall straight down, you'll go through the ground over and over and over again. you're safe as long as you don't move sideways while you're in the ground, but you can slow yourself down and regain control as long as you don't move sideways while in a mountain.

    here's a pic of it.

  4. Thomas: Great post as you've reminded me of the video game Galaza where you put a quarter into the machine and shoot bullets from a jet plane at invading jets that fly twards you from the top of the screen. My highest score exceeded 24,000. But I left that off of my resume!

  5. Eric: I tried to exploit your bug and it worked, however after that I could no longer go to any of the screens to the sides.
    This game is riddled with bugs, I hang my head in shame over putting it in my blog...

    Michael: I don't recall that game.

  6. Thomas: Back here again to say you've also reminded me of ex-NASA Astronaut Buzz Aldrin who was walking out of an L.A. hotel when some guy walked up to him with a ....I am laughing so hard I can barely...write this--a stack of Bibles. He asked Aldrin to swear that NASA's Moon landings were'nt staged in a TV studio. Aldrin punched the guys lights out! Yes, it was embarrassing to watch. But how stupid of the guy for not giving Aldrin some privacy and leave him alone.

  7. Michael: Yes I saw that too.
    Bart Sibrel is an idiot and got what he deserved from Buzz Aldrin.

    The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office declined to file any charges.