Wednesday, 29 March 2006


It doesn't matter which office you walk into, there is always an idiot hanging around in the deliveries section, popping the little bubbles on the protective plastic wrappers. I don't know what the fascination is but the facts are; bubblewrap attracts morons.
Before you accuse me of being judgemental I will just point out that more often than not, I am that idiot. In particular I love the bubblewrap with bubbles so large that in order to pop them you have to stomp on them with a foot so they go *BANG* making everybody in the office jump. Unfortunately I can only get away with doing the big ones once or twice a day before people loose their patience.
My recommendation is to start off with a sheet with only small bubbles, it will take quite a few minutes before people start sending you annoyed glances. Then stop for five minutes, to let people think you're done and then you pop a big one.

Thomas, 38 years of age (soon 39).

Admit it, you want to pop some bubblewrap now, don't you? Come on, just click here....


  1. I'm telling you along with bubble wrap, and the laminating machine...I'd be one happy camper for the rest of my life.

    Ahhh the tiny pleasures of life =)

  2. Two of the seven wonders of the world...

  3. First, I have to comment that Christi is a cutie. Secondly, too bad Concorde is gone. I could zip over and we could bust bubble wrap together.

  4. That's the good thing about bubble wrap, it's every where and almost free...

  5. bubblewrap....the office lackey's crack. lol!!

    very funny! :) came by via michael's today! :)