Saturday, 18 February 2006

Hattori Hanzo Kettle

The other day when I put the kettle on the stove I forgot to put the lid on. As usual my vivid imagination kicked in and I got this image in my head of Lucy Liu in Kill Bill right after she lost the duel in the snow covered Japanese garden. The wife didn’t see the resemblance and rolled her eyes the way she does a lot around me.

Too bad Lucy’s character got bumped off, she may have been a bitch that had it coming, but I really liked the no nonsense way she ran her board meetings.

Speaking of kettles, I really like the old fashioned chromed ones, I love pulling faces and see them distorted on the mirror surface, It's a good way of passing the time while waiting for the water to boil.


  1. i like boiling water just so i can hear the whistle sound. it's like a train.

    oh, and i don't see the resemblance either? (i only saw kill bill once.)

  2. To Eric: I like trains....

    You don't see the resemblance?
    [sigh] yeah I know, I'm weird that way...

  3. I saw the resemblance, maybe it's all the time I spent in dark plant rooms with you 8|