Tuesday, 1 November 2005

The Twelve Apostles

While driving across Australia, from Perth to Queensland, we made an effort to see as many sights as we could. One sight high on our list was The Twelve Apostles.
The Twelve Apostles is a row of limestone stacks found off the coast of Victoria in Australia. They where created by the sea eroding the coastline leaving the stacks standing free in the sea only a few meters off the beach.

When we got there we could only count eight stacks and not twelve, as you would expect from the name. A sign at the visitors center proclaimed that there had only ever been nine stacks (well... ever since people started to care about these things).
While we where doing the tourist thing, taking our photos, a man and his family was doing the same. The man was explaining, with a pronounced Italian accent, to his wife and three daughters that the last time he was here, some years back, the pile of rubble just beneath the viewing platform had been a stack as well. His family did not believe him and there was a lot of rolling eyes, as he got more and more insistent that his story was true. Poor guy, alone against four women....

Latter that day in a motel as we watched the news on TV we learned that one of the stacks had collapsed the very morning we where there. It had happened only one hour before we got there and had only been witnessed by one family. Only one member of the family had seen it happen.
So this day, July 3rd 2005, we where one hour late to see one of those things you only hear about in the news.
Still we came pretty close when you think of the thousands (dare I say millions?) of years these stacks of limestone have been standing.

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