Wednesday, 2 November 2005

London Photos

The other day I found a program called Autostitch on the net. It's meant to be used to stitch a bunch of photos into a panorama view automatically. I only had a few suitable photos to test it with, but boy! did my jaw drop? Anyone who have tried to use the built-in stitcher in photo editor packages knows that it is hard and frustrating work to create a good seamless panorama. Autostitch will just ask for your pictures with a standard windows file requester and in less than half a minute you got your perfectly stitched panorama. It might need a little cropping to get rid of some rough edges, no big drama.

So today I took my camera for a walk around London to get some more raw material and here is a few of the results. The photos don't have to be aligned horizontally like above, a shotgun scattering of photos doesn't tilt the program at all. The photo below here of the London Eye is made up of 10 different pictures, some low, some high from left to right.

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