Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Hong Kong Express

Traveling in Asia is always a joy. Most of the time you can afford a better class of hotel than you would in Europe. All hotels seem to have the same layout, its just the state and age of the furniture and the TV that separates them (I am disregarding Royal and Presidential suites here).
The very first thing I inspect when I enter a new hotel room is the bathroom. For some reason the toilets you find in hotels are different from what you would find in a home. They seem to have a fondness for what I call the "Scary 2000 Model". When you flush it the water comes into the bowl kinda swirling around while the water level, and content, rises with an alarming speed toward the edge. All instincts say "lets get outta here", I storm out of the bathroom and slam the door and lean against it until I am sure that things didn't go as horrible wrong as I thought they would. Of course my other half will wonder what I am doing and...

Wife: "What's happening?"
Me: "eh... nothing... nothing..."
Wife: "you were playing with toilet again, weren't you"
Me: "no no, I was just... it...eh.. you know.. I'll just go wash my hands"
Wife: "You better get used to it, we are for five days"

Of course I never can get used to it, even though the water level always miraculously stops about 2 millimeters from the edge and get sucked out with a big 'SLURRRRP' sound.

The TV is important, they might show a Simpson's episode I've only seen three time before. The bed cover as usual is tucked by the Super-maid. When untucking it all the sheets come lose and during the night they all crumble up down at your feet. I stay clear of the fridge, a Coke from there will require you to use the equity in your house. Then I throw aside the curtains to reveal...

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