Monday, 31 October 2005

Darwin to Perth

When we left Darwin for Perth, we really didn't know that much about our future hometown. We had been told that it was "nice" and a couple of month before leaving Darwin I had bought a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, showing a night view over the Central Business District as seen from Kings Park.

Of course we did know a little more about Perth, than "'it's nice", but most was from people that had only been through the town on business or holiday. Hardly what could be called solid information about everyday life in a remote town. In fact ask any Australian, not from Western Australia, about Perth and they will tell you that it is "nice" whether they have actually been there or not. They might add that they have an ocean breeze, "The Fremantle Doctor" called so because it comes from the direction of the town Fremantle and brings relief to Perth on hot summer days and nights. In the three years we lived there I never heard anyone using the "Fremantle Doctor" expression at all.

I'm not saying that we did not find Perth to be nice but that was the gist of what we knew at that time.

Prince Charles & Global Warming

Just read an article on CNN.

Here Prince Charles tells about his worries about the changing climate and how we are becoming slaves of our technology.

He blames global warming for climate changes.
Climate changes has occurred all through the history of earth, about 5 billion years!, and to think that it have stopped now is just plain naive.
The climate changes that worry Prince Charles are probably not even something that would qualify as a change of climate, but rather a natural variation. If he is referring to the hurricanes that have hit USA and other countries in the region he is wrong too. No hurricanes or hurricane seasons have been linked to global warming by climatologists. This linking is done by the press and overzealous treehuggers.

Does this mean I'm against global restrictions on pollution? No not at all, I'm a treehugger myself, but I do think that the press a doing a poor job of conveying the issues correctly. Instead of promoting Prince Charles statements unchallenged, they could have combined his statements with a commentary from a climatologist

Slaves of our technology?
This sound like a very conservative argument, I think he has just lost touch with the technology.
I have lost touch with popular music, what is the hype with Britney Spears about? Who's letting her release music?
Ah well... I did after all have a flirt with Adam & the Ants in the early eighties :-) (I'm talking about the music).

Start blurb

I don't expect anyone to find my postings even remotely interesting, I'm doing this as a kind of diary for myself (of course this being very public, I'll leave out too many juicy details).
It will not be in linear chronological format, it will be notes on my experiences, when I remember them and feel like making a posting. I might make Quentin Tarantino proud.

By nationality I am Danish, born in 1967.
In December 1997 I moved from Denmark to Singapore to join my wife who was working there at the time.
In 1999 we moved to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. After only a year in Sydney we had enough of the traffic and moved up to Darwin in the Northern Territory. A year and a half later we moved once again, this time to Perth in Western Australia. Perth held our attention for almost three years before we moved to London UK where we have just recently arrived.

Sunday, 30 October 2005

First blog ever!

This is my first blog ever!
I'm not sure what I will do with this. I had the idea for a while that I would make myself a web site but I am to busy/lazy to put in the effort. A blog seem to be a solution to this, I'll just have to see where this takes me.